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Lake Diving at Koko Craters

Posted: December 09, 2017

Andrew Hunter and Rudy Ramirez dive!Conditions this weekend were amazing. The ocean was very calm. Visibility was wonderful.  Our Saturday pm boat was full. The sun was shining down. A beautiful Hawaii day to dive. It was like lake diving at Koko Craters and Turtle Canyons.

Our first stop was Koko Craters where our two Open Water Students Andrew and Rudy had a fabulous first dive, after which they knocked out most of their surface skills in super calm water. We should all have been so lucky!

Turtle Assisting Instructor Patrick Wauben were three DM Students! Jen, James, and Merle. Merle was rocking his brand new ScubaPro Hydros with orange weight pockets, fins, and mask trim. His future students will not lose him!

Instructor Ed McNeill led Evan, Sam, Alex, and Scott Rajnay on a tour of the Craters. We were glad Scott could join us this weekend. On Thursday he flys to his next deployment in Rhode Island and then onto San Diego. We’ll miss you Scott! Come visit us soon.

Koko Craters never disappoints. Everyone lost count of the turtles they saw but no one will forget the huge turtle sleeping in the last crater. That was one huge turtle tucked deep under the shelf of the crater. Wow.

Having DMCs to help and super calm conditions allowed for an interesting weight dropping experience during the surface skills of our students. Merle looked like a center fielder as he caught the weight pockets before they landed in the sand.

Our second dive was Turtle Canyons which is always an interesting dive. Visibility was generally good considering that the tide was  going out. We split into the same two groups and had wonderful dives. All students did well, and Merle completed his last practicum for his DM program. This week he’ll take his exams and finish up with Course Director Larry Grayson. Congratulations in advance Merle!


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