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Ballistic Honus

Posted: January 13, 2018

Our day began with an emergency alert! “BALLISTIC MISSLE THREAT INBOUND TO HAWAII…” Fortunately it was an error and was soon corrected. All of us at Aaron’s thought it was an error or a hacked system as the sirens were silent and nothing was on the Internet. It did add some spice to our day, which was amazing.

Our afternoon charter had two people on a Discover Scuba Diving experience and six very solid certified divers, including two Master Divers!

Our first stop was Turtle Canyons which is always a great dive. Honus were abundant and good visibility and a very slight current made for a relaxed and enjoyable dive. The group of certified divers had a tour with Instructor Ed and managed to arrive back at the mooring in time for the family of the two Discover Scuba Divers to witness their successful descent and first tour with Instructor Jake. It was a very happy family moment.

Diving is a reasonably safe sport and we train for complications. One of our divers had a moment of vertigo and a racing heart. She surfaced near the boat and Captain Garret and Instructor Ed got her back to the boat where she recovered. Kudos to Captain Garret who was super responsive and did a great tired diver tow while Ed swam along side and talked with her.

Our second dive was at Koko Craters where we saw more Honus than we could count. Visibility was great. We saw a busy cleaning station, beautiful Convict Tangs, abundant reef fish. It was another beautiful day with outstanding winter diving conditions.

It was a great day for diving and for underwater photography. All of us at Aaron’s hope you enjoy the pictures here and on our FaceBook Page.

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