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Super Sunday On Anglers Reef

Posted: February 05, 2018

Super Bowl Sunday was somewhat overcast and sporty on the boat. Rollers made the ride out to Corner Pocket a bit sporty and uncomfortable for one of our divers. Conditions underwater were outstanding with nice visibility and very little current. Perhaps because of the overcast skies reef fish were abundant on both dives.

With 8 divers and a snorkeler aboard we had a full boat. Kris and Sheena White on a winter break from Toronto were aboard. Sheena celebrated as Kris completed his Open Water Certification in the lovely waters of Maunalua Bay with Instructor Patrick Wauben.

Yvonne Pendleton was also on board. Yvonne is an Assistant Instructor at Any Water Sports in San Jose California, the shop Instructor Ed McNeill certified and worked out of before moving to Oahu in September.

Julie and Grant were also visiting from the mainland and Grant enjoyed his first ocean dives following his recent certification in a cold lake with low visibility. He discovered that buoyancy control in a 3 mil is way easier than in a 7 mil and 80’ visibility is way nicer than 10’!

Our other divers included Bobby, Chris, and Doug who all enjoyed splendid dives.

Corner Pocked did not disappoint with lots of reef fish and healthy coral. The highlight as always is the splendid Antler Coral at the far side of the dive.

Anglers Reef was like swimming in an aquarium today. Reef fish were abundant. Many eels were spotted. The highlight of the dive began with Yvonne spotting an eel, which swam to a large Octopus under a ledge, which moved to a spot near an Angler Fish that flashed its yellow and orange inner fins when Ed encouraged it to move. These fish are so hard to spot. It was an awesome trifecta on a gorgeous day of diving.

A big Mahalo to everyone who came out to dive with Aarons. Captain Garrett filled out the crew.

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