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Big Island Trip

Posted: October 23, 2018

We're just home from Aaron's Big Island Trip 2018. It was mind blowing. 5 dives over two days including Pelagic Magic (a black water dive) and the Manta Dive. One trip: two bucket list dives! Our 16 divers dove with Jack's Diving Locker in Kailua Kona, We had too many divers to do the Pelagic Magic Dive together so Instructor Nate went on the Manta Dive on Friday Night with two of our divers, while the rest of the group did the Pelagic Magic Dive. We all dove together Saturday morning, and then did parted again for the evening dives.

Everyone had an amazing time and came home with wonderful memories and in some cases epic memories. Our divers included new divers and divers with over 1,000 dives. Imagine being a new diver and your first two night dives were the Manta and Pelagic Magic dives. Now imagine on your second night dive you saw a Oceanic White Tip...yes this happened. One of our divers logged her 13th dive on the Pelagic Magic and saw a Oceanic White Tip. How crazy is that? Nate was the first diver in the water for the Saturday Pelagic Dive. He jumped in and had a visitor! 

"It was dark and I was alone, dangling below a boat with nothing but 5,000 feet of water below me. That's when the oceanic white tip shark appeared out of the darkness. This was a one in a million encounter with what Jacques Custeau rightfully called "the most dangerous shark." This was his dark expanse of endless water, and I was just a visitor. An extremely happy visitor! What a great end to an amazing weekend of diving on Hawaii's Big Island with the Aaron's Dive Shop and Jack's Diving Locker crew."

Warm water (81 degrees), new friends, and a great weekend diving in beautiful Hawaiian Waters. What's not to love? Instructor Ed McNeill organized and led the trip with Instructor and Owner of Aaron's Warren Murray. Our next Big Island Trip will be in September 2019.

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