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Jul 13, 2015




Want to go diving, but don't want to do the same dives you've been doing? Want to learn something new?  PADI offers a wide range of specialties that will help you learn and grow as a diver.  We at Aaron's can't stress enough how important it is to continue with your dive education; by doing so we become better, safer, and more fun to be around in the water.  

There are so many specialties that are important to think about getting, one of the first that we like to recommend is Enriched Air Diver.  This specialty will teach us the special rules and tables associated with diving with a higher percentage of Oxygen.  Enriched Air will allow us more bottom time and certain depths and will also combat that lethargic feeling that we usally feel after a dive on regular air.  

There are a lot more specialties that can be taken, some are fun and more common like the Wreck Diver Specialty and others are more exotic like the Zombie Apocolypse Diver Specialty.  PADI guaranteed has a course that will peak anyones curiosity.  

Here are just a few...

Give us a call (808)262-2333 to find out more about these specialties and all the others that we offer here at Aaron's Dive Shop.



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