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PADI #397040

About me

I learned to dive in Monterey CA in 50 degree water with 5’ of viz and 6’ of surge. When a harbor seal swam up I was hooked. I remember watching Flipper as a kid and always wanted to dive. When I finally did I immediately sold almost all of my woodworking tools to buy my own gear. I love teaching Scuba and helping people become better divers. I’m also a Pastor with an Anglican Church in Kailua called Christ Church Oahu.  Some of my passions are underwater photography and dive travel. I teach Underwater Photography at Aarons and organize our Dive Trips. 

One item you can't dive without

Dive Socks. They make getting into a wetsuit and boots so easy. Like a hot knife through warm butter.

Favorite Dive Site & Why

I love diving and can go back to the same site every day knowing I’ll see something new or different. Being in the sea is what it’s all about. Right now I’m missing diving in California. Whalers Cove is a site there that’s unforgettable. On the surface is post card beautiful. Underwater it has kelp, interesting rock structures, crustaceans, fish, and a playful harbor seal. Unforgettable.