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Advanced Open Water (AOW)

Booking below does NOT mean you will be diving this site. Unless otherwise specified – the captain & crew will choose the BEST & SAFEST dive site available on the day. Aaron’s cannot guarantee ANY dive site because of weather & conditions. We do, however; take your preferences into consideration. 


100 ft


One of Oahu’s only deep-diveable reef systems, the Pinnacles are a grouping of natural rock formations which rise up 20-30’ above the bottom. These pinnacles have lots of overhangs, ledges, sheer walls, and other structure which creates a variety of microhabitats, and with very high coral cover on their tops, this site supports an abundance of aquatic life. 

Sea Life

Huge schools of Blacklip butterflyfish and Hawaiian Dascyllus feeding high off the reef are often the first thing people notice. Upon a closer look you can find rare endemic species like Hawaiian Lionfish and Bandit Angelfish in the reef. Octopus, Slipper lobsters, and Knobby seastars are commonly seen, as are several shark species and Spotted Eagle rays. If you are lucky, even Hawaiian Monk Seals have been seen at the site. As you ascend for your safety stop, pay attention to the plankton in the water column as you can regularly see Comb jellies, Salps, and other drifting sealife.