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PADI #326535

About me

Born and raised in Bowling Green, Ohio, Jake was never a big fan of the water. That all changed when he mustered up the courage to get his open water certification in Cayos Cochinos, Honduras! He was immediately transformed into a fish, now enjoying being underwater much more than being on land. With a degree in marine and aquatic biology, he still never gets tired of learning new things about the ocean’s ecosystems. He doesn’t like to toot his own horn too much (actually, yes he does) but when it comes to finding awesome tiny critters on the coral reefs, his considers himself a “macro boss.” On his days off, he enjoys hiking, relaxing on the beach, and binge Netflix marathons while gorging on über spicy beef pad Thai. Always open to answer any diving questions you may have, so feel free to contact! jdshroy@gmail.com

Life Moto/Favorite Quote

“There’s too many people in this world. We need a new plague.” ~Dwight K. Schrute~

One item you can't dive without

7mm wetsuit, 5mm hooded vest, 5mm booties, and 3mm gloves. I get cold. Back off.

Favorite Dive Site & Why

Pelican Wall in Cayos Cochinos, Honduras. 108′ of sheer vertical wall covered in myriad of amazing sea life. My first ever deep dive, this dive is breathtaking. Random 20′ high pinnacles rising out of the sand flats at 108′ inhabited by spotted eagle rays, southern stingrays, and goliath grouper, dwarfed by a ninety degree wall covered in eels, lobsters, shrimp, and crabs, and topped off with every color of soft coral imaginable playing home to dozens upon dozens of Caribbean reef fish species. Need I say more? I will if you ask me about it!