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About me

My name is Kylie and I am a Divemaster in training as well as an AAUS scientific diver. I grew up in a small surf town in California, and have spent most of my life in or on the ocean. Outside of diving I also sail, surf, and paddle competitively. I am currently a senior at UH Manoa pursuing a degree in biology, while interning as a diver and field biologist for the Hixon lab.

Life Moto/Favorite Quote

“We are born nearly eighty precent water. When we dive into the ocean eighty precent of us belongs there.” -McManus

Favorite Dive Site & Why

So far my favorite dive site is Ulong Channel in Palau. This dive is a mind-melting dreamscape of massive pelagic species and fan corals the size of apartment buildings. On the right tide this dive turns into speedy drift dive through an underwater world so alluring that your brain has a hard time believing that any of it is real. It is truly inspiring what beauty nature can achieve when a country comes together to protect and conserve their ocean and its inhabitants.