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PADI #393585

About me

My name is Lauren and I’m an Open Water SCUBA instructor and marine biologist working with marine debris. I grew up by the ocean, with my mom being a SCUBA instructor back in the day, so diving was always a part of my life. However, it took on a new meaning to me when I had the opportunity to do diving research on coral and parrotfish in the Florida Keys for several years with Clemson University. When I left that to pursue my Master’s in Marine Science at Hawaii Pacific University, I knew I had to keep diving. That’s when I decided to become a SCUBA instructor. Through this, under the amazing guidance of Larry Grayson, I discovered I have a deep love for teaching people about diving and showing them the ocean for the first time. It’s such a joy to take people out on the water and share my love of the ocean with others.

One item you can't dive without

I’ll also never dive without my trusty dive knife because you never know when you’ll see debris that needs to be removed!

Favorite Dive Site & Why

Diving in Hawaii is always amazing but I will say that my absolute favorite spot is when the conditions are just right and we get to dive Spitting Caves, especially in winter when the whales are nearby singing to us!