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About me

Aloha! My name is Miles, i am from Niagara Falls/Buffalo New York. I was born a gill-less fish, always wanting to be in or around the water. When the time came, after high school, I got my one way ticket to Hawaii to study Marine Biology at HPU. Upon graduating college I had already fell in love with the ocean and decided to stay in Hawaii to continue pursuing my passion for the ocean and building my career in marine biology. Scuba diving and surfing became my two big hobbies- always keeping me in water and my vibes high! As I continue my career, I am lucky and grateful to have landed a spot in the Aaron’s Dive Shop Ohana! Here I continue to build my diving skills/knowldege while also helping to teach and share our passion for the ocean and marine life with others. 

Life Moto/Favorite Quote

“All I need me is some tasty waves, a cool buzz and I’m fine.” -Jeff Spicoli 

One item you can't dive without

Aloha! Spread the love and passion!

Favorite Dive Site & Why

The reef tank and Sea Life Park. I use to work there as an aquarist where we would scuba dive our 300,000 gallon tank filled with 9 sharks and hundreds of native fish species! The white tip reef sharks loved our bubbles and would often “play” in them, go tonic and fall on our heads!