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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Aaron’s is proud to support Breast Cancer Hawaii for our 3rd consecutive year. 

Aaron’s is happy to announce that we are continuing to support Breast Cancer Hawaii for our 3 consecutive year. We decided to support BCH fiscally this year and hopefully host an event for Breast Cancer Awareness Month in 2021. 

Our in-store fundraising consisted of a PINK wall full of pink scuba/snorkel gear ranging from snorkels and fins to tank caps and snorkel holders. Nothing was too small to be PINK! We also created a t-shirt to see in conjuncture with Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This years t-shirt focuses on a woman’s journey through radiation specifically. We all know that your mindset has a dramatic affect on your healing and health journey. We are happy to promote “Radiating Positivity” in and out of the hospital. 

Update: Aaron’s is proud to donate $500 to Breast Cancer Hawaii! We want to thank everyone who shopped PINK and supported local. Mahalo 

How does Aaron’s promote Breast Cancer Awareness and support Breast Cancer Hawaii?

  • Host a fundraising event during the month of October – due to COVID 19 we were unable to host an event this year
  • Fundraise ALL month long in-store with a PINK wall
  • Promote Breast Cancer Awareness and Breast Cancer Hawaii resources in-store and online 
  • Raise Awareness with commemorative PINK SWAG 


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