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At Aaron’s, we like to keep things interesting, especially for our local divers. To do that, we frequently offer special dive charters. These charters go to different dive sites than our everyday boat charters. 
This month they are:

Double Wreck

85-90 ft deep, the Landing Crafty Utility wreck (LCU) was a US Navy ship used for amphibious beach landings. It lies upside down (with room for divers to explore underneath) on a flat rubble plain with a large area of ‘Z’ blocks scattered around the site. At about 90-95 feet deep and originally known as the CB Barge – the Kahala Barge is a 200′ vessel is mostly intact with numerous opportunities to penetrate. These wrecks are full of life, big & small!

Date: Sunday – December 27th
Time: Be at boat by 7:00AM
Location: Honey – Moanalua Bay
Dive Site: LCU & Kahala Barge

Pinnacles & Navy Tug

Island Favorites! Pinnacles is a 90ft deep reef along a fish nursery with large reef pinnacles rising to form overhangs full of mystery. Nashua Tug boat sits at about 65ft and is a sunken tug boat that is used as an active Naval training site today. Both sites have been known to see lots of sea life action!

Date: Saturday – December 5th
Time: Be at boat by 6:00AM
Location: Ruckus – Kewalo Harbor
Dive Site: Pinnacles & Nashua Tug (aka Navy Tug)

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