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Point Panic Clean Up
Point Panic Clean Up
Point Panic Clean Up


April 23rd, 2022, 31 scuba divers, freedivers and park goers cleaned up Point Panic in Honolulu with the help of Hawaii Marine Animal Response and NudiWear. 

The group met up at 8AM and finished up around noon – collecting:  

  • 48 glass bottles,
  • 38 aluminum cans
  • Hundreds of feet of fishing line
  • 31 pounds of lead fishing weights!

The most unusual items found: a sock monkey, a metal patio chair and table, and a bra!

Other items removed included:

  • fishing hooks 
  • golf balls 
  • tire
  • dinner plate
  • LOTS of single use plastics – particularly on land
  • gloves
  • face masks
  • chunks of fiberglass

Thank you to everyone who was able to make it! And a special thank you to HMAR and Nudiwear! Mahalo X

HMAR is an amazing non-profit in Hawaii focusing on endangered endemic species – in particular monk seals and Hawaiian green sea turtles. 

Volunteer opportunities available! 

Point Panic Clean Up

This is a small portion of the volunteers who joined us Satuday! 

Nudiwear is a local closing brand and ocean ambassador. Thei clothing is made from sustainable recycled materials and a portion of every purchase goes to Ocean Conservation. Plus they hold monthly clean ups! 

Join them for their monthly clean up at Point Panic! 

Interested in joining us for our next clean up?

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