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Aaron's Dive Shop and Ocean Defenders Alliance are teaming up for a reef clean up!

What: Halona Blow Hole Clean up dive

When: Saturday, September 24 0700

What to bring: Bring your own dive gear including tanks and gloves. If you have a mesh bag and lift bag and dive flag that would be great but we do have some. A DPV would be most helpful as well if you have one!

This is a tough spot. Conditions may or may not allow us to do this in September but we will try.

Once we get out of the cove area, we head west and along the wall is a lot of fishing debris. It is easy to run your tank down so please conserve and be aware of your air. A bigger tank is a good thing if you don’t mind hauling it up and down the trail! And above all, pay attention to what you put in your bags. If you tend to run through your air quickly, you might want to pile the weights up and leave them for another person or day! Focus instead on line and other debris.

This is really a dive although there is definitely trash to pick up at the lookout parking area and even on the rocks. That being said, I would really would like to have some people on land to help haul dive gear and trash as well as cleaning up the land while divers are under water! (And to keep an eye out on the vehicles).

Please RSVP to mjzengland@gmail.com

It is important to RSVP because if the conditions are unfavorable, we will head over to Magic Island instead and I will contact you. Bring the same items but maybe add a wagon!!! Surface people still needed for this as well!

Aaron’s Dive Shop and ODA are not liable for your independent diving activities. 


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