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Certification Level (recommended)

Advanced Open Water (AOW)

Booking below does NOT mean you will be diving this site. Unless otherwise specified – the captain & crew will choose the BEST & SAFEST dive site available on the day. Aaron’s cannot guarantee ANY dive site because of weather & conditions. We do, however; take your preferences into consideration. 


65-75 ft


Keanu’s Reef is a broad plain of flat rock sheets dispersed among a rubble and sand bottom. There are small coral heads mixed throughout the site. A large steel anchor usually defines the starting point of this drift dive. There is no mooring buoy and it is a deep dive with nearly constant depth making this an advanced dive. 

Sea Life

Whitemouth and Yellowmargin Moray, schools of porcupinefish, Squirrelfish, Soldierfish, Cardinalfish, and Chocolate Dip Chromis are all common. Less commonly encountered are Longtail dragonet, Bicolor Anthias, Yellow-green goby, Varicose Nudibranch, Knobby seastars, Crown-of-thorns stars, and transient schools of Mackerel Scad.