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Certification Level (recommended)

Open Water (OW)

Booking below does NOT mean you will be diving this site. Unless otherwise specified – the captain & crew will choose the BEST & SAFEST dive site available on the day. Aaron’s cannot guarantee ANY dive site because of weather & conditions. We do, however; take your preferences into consideration. 


30-40 ft


Koko Craters is a broad flat plain with a series of depressions sunk into the bottom. The edges of these craters are undercut and provide excellent places for Green turtles to sleep. 

Sea Life

This site is an active turtle cleaning station and divers are often rewarded with close encounters with turtles hovering in midwater getting cleaned by reef fish. There is very little coral at this site, but other aquatic life commonly encountered are Potter’s angelfish, big schools of Yellowfin Surgeonfish, schools of Porcupinefish, Titan and Devil Scorpionfish, Orangeband Surgeonfish, Peacock flounder, Blackbar razorfish, Rainbow Runners, Hawaiian Sargent guarding their purple egg masses that encrust the bottom, Saddle wrasse, Snowflake Moray, Pinktail Triggerfish, Leopard Cone snails, and lobster. On rare occasions, divers have been lucky enough to see Tiger sharks and Hawaiian Monk Seals. Don’t forget to look for several Buddha statues too. Visibility is highly variable at this site.