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Certification Level (recommended)

Advanced Open Water (AOW)

Booking below does NOT mean you will be diving this site. Unless otherwise specified – the captain & crew will choose the BEST & SAFEST dive site available on the day. Aaron’s cannot guarantee ANY dive site because of weather & conditions. We do, however; take your preferences into consideration. 

Distance from Shore

2.05km from shore


70 ft


The 100’ long Mud Scow Barge was an older, rusted vessel owned by a private company (Hawaiian Dredging). Having no further need of the vessel, it was donated it to the State and scuttled in 1985. It rests upside down on a broad flat rubble plain. The wreck is cracked in half along its length and caves in towards the center. It is undoubtedly the most successful of the wrecks sank as artificial reefs, as it, and the surrounding area are completely covered in coral. This site has no permanent mooring buoy. 

Sea Life

Divers with the experience and skill to ‘live boat’/ drift dive often encounter Bluefin Trevally, Psychedelic wrasse, Ambon Tobies, Agile Chromis, Stout Moray, Hawkfish, Unicornfish, and Goldring Surgeonfish.