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Recreational diving allows people to descend to 130 feet under the water. PADI defines deep diving as any dive that exceeds a depth of 60 feet. Amazing rock and reef formations, different fish species, and most shipwrecks are found on deep dives. Students will learn about the extra precautions and equipment which are needed to safely make deep dives. They will also learn more about why colors fade at depth, why air is consumed faster, and how to respond to nitrogen narcosis. Divers refamiliarize themselves with how to determine safe dive times and proper techniques for completing safety stops.

Course breakdown:

This course is taught over 2-4 days. There are 4 deep dives required for certification. The first dive will be a depth of 60-100 feet. Dives 2-4 may be between 60-130 feet. 


  • Students must be certified as adventure diver, advanced open water divers or higher.
  • Must be at least 15 years old.

Materials Needed:

  • Materials needed will be provided.



Courses are scheduled around your availability. 

Courses may require an eLearning portion.