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We learn as divers to always dive against the current- not so with drift diving!

This relaxing way to dive allows you to drift with the currents and cover huge areas with relatively little effort. Not only that, but diving in high current areas means that you’ll see different sorts of sea life and dramatically increases your chances of seeing big pelagic (open ocean) animals.

Students will learn about currents and tides as well as techniques and gear used to make a safe and enjoyable drift dive.

Course breakdown:

This course occurs over two dives at locations with strong currents. Drift dive are often quite long as divers are exerting less effort and therefore using less air.


  • Must be certified open water divers or higher.
  • Must be at least 12 years old.

Materials Needed:

  • Materials needed for the course will be provided for use during the dives.



Courses are scheduled around your availability. 

Courses may require an eLearning portion.