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The reef comes alive at night. Corals wake up and feed on drifting plankton, while some fish settle down into the reef to sleep and others come out to hunt. Invertebrates seem to come from no where as they crawl over rocks and coral in search of food and mates (while still trying to stay away from all those hungry predators).

Night diving allows you to see a whole new world of diving and with the blackness of the water at night, it’s the closest most of us will ever come to experiencing what it’s like to be an astronaut. 

Course breakdown:

This course is conducted during an open water dive following sunset. The is covered in three dives. The first is conducted just after sunset in the twilight hours as the animals change over from those awake during the day to those awake at night. The second dive occurs after the reef has fully darkened allowing dives to witness the wonders of the reef at night- you may even be lucky enough to watch a shark feeding or corals spawning.


  • Must be certified open water divers.
  • Must be at least 12 years old.

Materials Needed:

  • Students will need to have at least two underwater flashlights and a marker light. These will be provided for use during the course as needed.



Courses are scheduled around your availability. 

Courses may require an eLearning portion.