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Want to stay down longer- especially on deep dives? Enriched air may be the answer.

Enriched air refers to gas mixes with some of the nitrogen in the breathing gas being replaced with oxygen. It is commonly referred to as NITROX. Nitrox divers have longer bottom times because there is less nitrogen in their tanks.

Students will learn how to dive safely with this breathing mix, including how to determine new depth limits, partial pressures, analyzing gas mixtures, and the physiological benefits and dangers of alternate gas mixes. 

Course breakdown:

This course takes 1-2 hours to complete in a classroom, with the option for 2 open water dives.


  • Must be certified open water divers or higher.
  • Must be at least 15 years old.

Materials Needed:

  • There are no materials needed for the course, but divers should have regulators which are service rated for gas mixtures up to 40% oxygen. 



Courses are scheduled around your availability. 

Courses may require an eLearning portion.