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120 ft


The Sea Tiger has a complicated past. Built in the 1980s as the Fong Seong No. 303, this 189’ Taiwanese fishing trawler was confiscated in 1992 after trying to smuggle 90+ Chinese immigrants into Honolulu. It was sold by the Dept. of Justice to a conservation group, who quickly resold it to a Vietnamese fisherman, who renamed it the Sea Tiger. He was repeatedly fined for allowing the vessel to pollute in the harbor (Pier 40). Eventually it was sold at auction to the now defunct Voyager Submarine Co. in 1994. It was cleaned and prepped as an artificial reef, and sunk in 1999. The wreck is intact and sits upright on the bottom.

With proper training and equipment the wreck can be fully penetrated and explored and is 150-feet of incredible sights. Divers can penetrate the Sea Tiger through the cargo holds and bridge. Despite some minor decay inside the ship, the wreck is remarkably intact making it a unique dive for wreck enthusiasts.

Sea Life

The wreck is home to schools of Longfin bannerfish, Pyramid Butterflyfish, and Moray eels. Sponge crabs, Slipper lobster, seastars, and many coral species occupy the wreck. Eagle Rays, Green turtles, Reef sharks, and numerous other fish are common sights.