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PADI #234805

About me

I was born and raised in California. I started diving in the 70s but really got serious about it much later in life. I eventually became an instructor and taught diving in the cold waters of Northern California. After 35 years working as an engineer in the semiconductor and defense industries I retired. Much to the envy of all of my dive buddies, I moved to Kailua and took over Aaron’s Dive Shop. I consider myself extremely fortunate to be able to retire early and follow my life’s passion for diving.

Life Moto/Favorite Quote

Worrying about what happened in the past and what might happen in the future will prevent you from making good things happen in the present.

One item you can't dive without

My sense of adventure. Every dive has the potential to see or experience something for the first time.

Favorite Dive Site & Why

My favorite dive of all time was on February 1, 2014. I was diving at 90 feet in Bluefish Cove near Carmel, California. The conditions were stellar. 50°F and over 60 feet of visibility. I had my camera and I happened to see a Giant Pacific Octopus (GPO) land on a large rock. Since I saw it before it went camo on me I was able to slowly approach it. I signaled to my dive buddy and he captured the encounter on video. I was expecting the GPO to swim away or ink me and swim away. But as I got close it became curious and grabbed on to my camera rig wrapped its arms around it and me. Once I started to back away it lost interest and swam away. However, the experience was exhilarating one of my most memorable.