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Advanced Open Water (AOW)

Booking below does NOT mean you will be diving this site. Unless otherwise specified – the captain & crew will choose the BEST & SAFEST dive site available on the day. Aaron’s cannot guarantee ANY dive site because of weather & conditions. We do, however; take your preferences into consideration. 


80-105 ft


The YO-257 was built for the US Navy and was originally designated YOG-72. She is a 174’ long, self-propelled gas barge (yard oiler) built in 1945 by the Puget Sound Naval Yard. Built to refuel other ships at sea, the YO-257 could carry 200,000 gallons of fuel. After WWII, the YO-257 worked in the Pacific carrying asphalt to remote atolls for runway construction and was briefly loaned out to the US Coast Guard. The YO-257 was sold to the Atlantis Submarine Co. and intentionally sunk at its current location in 1989. 

Sea Life

Large schools of Blueline snappers now live on the wreck, as do schools of a variety of butterflyfish (including Lined, Pyramid, and Raccoon) and unicornfish (including Sleek, White-margin, Orangespine, and Bluespine). Squadrons of Spotted Eagle Rays are commonly seen transiting the area between YO-257 and the San Pedro wreck site.