Since 1971 Aaron's team of PADI professionals has been taking certified scuba divers on the Hawaiian adventure of their lives. Oahu Certified Scuba Diving - wreck diving, reef diving, drift diving, night diving, abyss diving, wall diving! There is so much of Oahu to explore!

Start your day off right! This is the boat that Oahu certified divers are trying to get on! Our daily early morning boat charter is a more advanced trip for certified divers only. 

We leave early, at 7:00AM, to ensure the best conditions possible. The dive sites include a deep site, about 60′-120′ depending on the dive site, followed by a shallower reef dive, about 30′-50′.  Some call this tour our ‘Wreck and Reef Dive’ because typically the deep site is a wreck. But! Our dive sites are condition dependent. If the conditions are just right, the sea cave or sea wall are options. Another dive option is drift diving. 

This charter is more suited to divers who have their Advanced Open Water certification or recent experience with deep dives over 100′. 

MUST be at least 15 years old to participate in any dive 60′ or deeper.

Divers MUST be a PADI Advanced Open Water Diver (or equivalent from another agency) OR be a certified PADI Deep Diver (or equivalent from another agency) OR have previous deep diving experience to participate in any ‘deep’ dives.

Oahu certified scuba diving, Corsair wreck
snorkel with turtles

Explore 2 shallow reefs off the coast of Oahu. Maunalua Bay boasts a variety of reef sites. Let’s discover what sea life lives among them. Depth of the sites is between 30′- 40′. 

ALL divers welcome! Everyone is welcome on this charter – divers of all levels! We take first time divers (aka Discover Suba Divers), certified divers (of all levels) and students and split up into the groups based on experience. We recommend this charter for families or couples who have experienced divers AND inexperienced/no-experience so everyone can be on the same boat together.

MUST be able to swim. 

MUST be at least 10 years old. 

Night dives are for certified divers only. We usually offer a night dive EVERY Saturday night or upon request. Check for availability. 

The dive sites typically include two shallow reef sites between 30′-50′. Divers will experience a reef during dusk as it is transitioning – diurnal critters go to rest and nocturnal species come out to play. During your surface interval, watch the sunset over Diamond Head. Jump back in for an entirely new diving experience! Be sure to take your time swimming along the reef and look in the nooks & crannies of the coral! 

Interested in Blackwater Abyss diving? Call the shop to inquire!

PADI Open Water Certification (or other agency equivalent)

PADI Night Diver Specialty

Scuba diving in Hawaii is like no-where else in the world! How could it be when we have THOUSANDS of Hawaiian endemic species in our waters (meaning they are ONLY found in Hawaiian waters)?! From the humuhumunukunukuapua’a – Hawaii’s state fish – to Hawaiian monk seals to Hawaiian spinner dolphins and everything in between!


We Make it Easy!
· Pick a day and a dive destination
· Call us to reserve your spot
· Have the time of your life!

Dive sites are vary depending on conditions, as well as divers abilities. Because of that reason, we cannot guarantee dive sites. 

Fish - coral (2)
*Certification cards will be checked.*
If you do not have your card or certification number, you will be asked to provide your full name and birth date to verify your certification level.


All certified diver charters include 2 tanks and weights.

Need gear? No problem! Aaron’s offers all dive charter rental gear needed for a flat rate of $40. Whether you need just a BCD or a full set plus mask, fins & snorkel – we’ve got you covered. All gear will be waiting for you at the boat! And don’t worry about fit – the gear we provide is based it off of your height, weight & shoe size so you get the best fit. 

Looking to dive Nitrox? No problem! Upgrade to nitrox for $15/tank. Be sure to call & request it so we can have it at the boat for you.

Wanting to shore dive on Oahu? Rent tanks, scuba gear and snorkel gear in our shop! Learn more.



The staff; from the shop, the instructors & divemasters, and boat captains, were excellent. Communication of available services, dive scheduling and any other aspect of my diving experience was exceptional. Special thanks to Jake, Corey, Kaeley (sp), Lauren, Garrett, Sarah, Tim and anyone I forgot. A special thanks to getting me out to Sea Cave! I'll be back next year.
John Todd
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The majority of our daily scuba boat charters will be on the NA MAKANA or HONEY ANN,
which are both located on the South East Side of Oahu – out of Maunalua Bay Beach Park.

Please, call the shop to verify meet time and location! 808-262-2333


6505 Kalanianaole Hwy,
Honolulu, Oahu, HI 96825

Maunalua Bay Beach Park has a
HUGE parking lot of FREE parking!