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1 Week!
5 Dive Focuses!
3 PADI Certifications!

Take your SCUBA diving to the next level! Literally!

With the Advanced Open Water Certification, not only will you improve upon the skills you learned in Open Water, but you will learn new techniques. Your new techniques are 5 learning focuses, 3 of which you get to choose! 

Want to explore the reef at night? What about descending to see an historic shipwreck? How about learning to identify the fish species you will see on your dives? These are just some of the many options advanced divers get to choose from.

The PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course is designed to improve your knowledge, skills, and experience in diving.

After your knowledge development (academic portion) you will make five adventure dives in specialty areas of diving. Two are required of all divers- deep diving (beyond 60 feet) and navigation– and three other distinctive types of diving are chosen that interest you. 

Materials you need for this course:

Class Tuition (Includes: books, rental gear, boat charters)



You need to be an Open water Diver. There are crossovers available for divers who did not go through PADI for the first scuba diving certification.

Call for more specifics 808-262-2333

You must be 12 years old to complete this course.

Upon signing up for the Advanced Open Water Certification course you will receive your eLearning materials. Within the eLearning, you will have access to all of the specialties. You need to read and complete the Deep and Underwater Navigation chapters as well as the chapters associated with 3 the specialties you would like to earn. The Advanced Open Water manual is very comprehensive, you must complete the knowledge development sections at the end of the chapters to go over with your instructor before each day of diving.

Out of the five chapters you must read there are two that are required for your Advanced Open Water certification, 

Deep diving

Underwater Navigation

The other three chapters are up to the discretion of you and your instructor.

There are some restrictions (mostly due to conditions available on our lovely tropical island) like;

Ice diving

Cavern diving

Dry suit diving

Diver propulsion vehicle diving

Altitude diving

The course takes several days to complete because it requires three boat charters to complete, at least one of these charters has to be a morning deep dive.  Each charter is two dives, the first five dives of your advanced will be adventure dives for your certification and the last is a fun dive!

Courses are scheduled around your availability. 
Courses may require an eLearning portion.