Scuba Diving Magazine's READERS CHOICE AWARDS

2024 SCUBA DIVING MAGAZINE’S READER’S CHOICE World’s BEST Scuba Diving Operators 2024 Scuba Diving Magazine asked their readers to evaluate operators they’ve dived with in the past two years, and to rank the best operator overall. The categories included:  Best Overall Quality of Dive Boats Quality of Rental Gear Quality of Facilities Quality of Staff […]


Honolulu reef and park clean up with Aaron's Dive Shop HMAR and Nudi Wear Alliance at Point Panic

POINT PANIC REEF CLEAN UP HONOLULU Reef Clean Up! Start the new year with a BANG! Make a big difference at this local diving, fishing, surfing spot.  Who: Hosted by Hawaii Marine Animal Response, Nudi Wear and Aaron’s Dive Shop. Open to everyone! Scuba Divers, freedivers and beach/park-combers welcome! Skill level: Scuba divers and freedivers should […]

SALE! Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Freediving, Spearfishing!

SALE! SCUBA DIVING, SNORKELING, FREEDIVING, SPEARFISHING! SHOP THE BEST DEALS ON SCUBA GEAR, SPEARGUNS, SNORKEL EQUIPMENT, FREEDIVING GEAR AND MORE! This holiday season, shop for everyone on your list at Aaron’s Dive Shop TENT SALE! With daily scuba tours, PADI Courses available at discounted rates and ocean-themed stocking stuffers give your loved ones a gift […]